My Personal Philippine Travel Grade is D

Now, I am not one who is an advocate of Philippine tourism but the disappointing result serves as a personal wake up call. With 7,107 islands dispersed on the Pacific Ocean, I would need to sell an arm and a leg, and perhaps a kidney to be able to set foot on at least half of… Continue reading My Personal Philippine Travel Grade is D

Log #01

Here’s my first attempt at recording the relatively interesting events of my life. A little background on last week’s activities… I was involved in another film production for my friend’s M.A. class in Film. It was my second time already. Although, this one was much more interesting, since a green screen was used. As a… Continue reading Log #01

The Ely Buendia Encounter

For the record, I am not an Eraserheads fan, a Pupil fan nor Ely Buendia’s fan for that matter. Never heard of them? Then, it’s about time you ask Google about them. In this part of the globe, The Eraserheads already made their mark in the local music scene, with international hits like “Ang Huling… Continue reading The Ely Buendia Encounter