CBTL Philippines’ 2012 Giving Journal and then Some

Around two weeks ago, I completed the 18 stamps required for the Giving Journal 2012. And right then and there, I decided to claim the journal since I had a big bag with me and in order to avoid possible unfortunate events such as losing the card…or completely forgetting to claim the planner. Thank you… Continue reading CBTL Philippines’ 2012 Giving Journal and then Some

Comparing May Scar Children

Disclaimer: I am not a child psychologist or any kind of psychologist for that matter, so the statements below are of my opinion only. I did graduate with a bachelors degree majoring in Psychology if that helps… which I doubt. And, as we are of different personalities and temperaments, the assumptions below may vary from… Continue reading Comparing May Scar Children

The Ely Buendia Encounter

For the record, I am not an Eraserheads fan, a Pupil fan nor Ely Buendia’s fan for that matter. Never heard of them? Then, it’s about time you ask Google about them. In this part of the globe, The Eraserheads already made their mark in the local music scene, with international hits like “Ang Huling… Continue reading The Ely Buendia Encounter