More of Me

Since I figured that creating an “About Me” page in bullet form will be easier for my non-existent readers, and for myself…

I try to understand and accept people’s peculiarities.

At this point in my life, I don’t consider myself as an old person.

  • Age is relative and maturity is subjective, I always say.

Expect to get delayed/late SMS replies from me. Or never expect at all.

  • It’s not that I don’t like you; it’s just that I feel lazy most of the time. Ha ha. That, or I read your message whilst I was still half asleep and have completely forgotten about it the moment I woke up.

Don’t forward quotes every single day or I will block your number.

  • Especially when you don’t even talk to me.

The legibility of my handwriting depends on the pen/pencil I’m using.

I think hard erasers are useless.

  • They only rip your paper, or smudge the lead all over.

Korean, Japanese & Mexican food make my tummy happy.

I hate nuts, raisins and cherries in my chocolate, ice cream, cake and cookies.

I think East Asian babies are the cutest.

I don’t like growing my nails long.

I prefer to go on vacation in a place with cool climate/weather.

  • Although, the beach seems kind of fun, too… sometimes.

One of the most difficult getting-to-know-you question for me is “What’s your favourite colour?”

  • It depends, really. I simply cannot take out other factors like shape, texture, function etc. Give me the other details. I prefer questions like “What’s your favourite shirt colour?” or rather than ” What’s your favourite colour?”.

Liars are the worst.

  • What good will it do? If you are lucky enough, it may save your sorry ass, otherwise brace yourself for a heated argument.

Sunflowers are preferred over any type of flora.

Late night walks are relaxing.

I have an obsession with lovely packaging (boxes and canisters in particular).

I boycotted “Avatar” since I want Titanic to retain its rank as the highest grossing film of all time.

One of the first things I take notice of in a guy who I find attractive is the pair of shoes he’s wearing.

  • I have to be honest with this one. Trekking shoes with denim jeans, really? REALLY? I’m no fashionista, (obviously) but I do know a hideous pair of shoes when I see one.

Oh god. Don’t get me started with poseurs…

  • Your latest purchase need not be announced to everyone. …even posting photos of the price tags and receipts, I see.

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