My Personal Philippine Travel Grade is D

Now, I am not one who is an advocate of Philippine tourism but the disappointing result serves as a personal wake up call. With 7,107 islands dispersed on the Pacific Ocean, I would need to sell an arm and a leg, and perhaps a kidney to be able to set foot on at least half of… Continue reading My Personal Philippine Travel Grade is D

Seoul 2013 || Log #01 || 02 October 2013

(The first part of my travel log series to Seoul, South Korea.) This time last month, my dad asked me if I wanted to tag along with my Aunt & cousin for a short trip to South Korea. Being an enthusiast of almost anything Korean–food in particular, I immediately said yes. Never mind that I’m… Continue reading Seoul 2013 || Log #01 || 02 October 2013

I Miss You Seoul Much

Put down your pitchforks. I know that was a terrible attempt at being funny. Ever heard “Don’t let your emotions get the best of you?” Well, I just did. Around this time three years ago, I revisited Seoul. Among the few trips abroad I had, this one is by far the most special one. (Since… Continue reading I Miss You Seoul Much