Two Points for the Federation

The man without pores whose skin naturally radiates from afar, and no amount of nicotine and tar can tarnish. This person who always greets you with high fives and a smile comparable to those of toothpaste models. He who gives you unsolicited yet wise advice much like an emphatic older brother. His name shall be kept a secret lest I give away his identity.

Once in my much younger years, my mother told me to be practical in almost everything. She exemplified living within one’s means, and it was passed on to us to a degree. This goes especially true for when I was to choose a partner. I was around ten then and that came as a surprise.

I was in a relationship for almost five years with a boy whom I liked. He came from a well off family which I was not very excited about. We grew apart eventually. Then came a much more affluent and very nice suitor but whom I was not even remotely attracted to. He was willing to teach me how to drive at the expense of one of their extra cars…

If it did  not work out with with the rich boys, then I lowered it to a humbler standard. Money can’t buy everything, plus I am getting older, I thought to myself. While I was slaving my life away in the corporate world, a genteel gentleman managed to catch my attention. He was refined and had all the characteristics of someone with good upbringing. The infatuation bordering obsession for him lasted for about a year, only to be crushed and find out that he could be a closeted homosexual.

Remember the porcelain man? He might not meet my mother’s expectation but he has ambition. We might financially be on the same level, or him being on a lower bracket but he is packed with charm and wit. Let’s look beyond one’s financial stability.

BUT he might be another closeted homosexual… Another point goes to the federación.


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