Friday I’m Not in Love

That day went fine until life happened. A little past 5 PM, there was a surge of urgent matters that I had to deal with — like expensive marble slabs and other construction materials possibly being disposed of, big bosses (VVIPs) flying in the next week, etc. All these work related plights were resolved eventually. I defied most of the bad luck that the dreaded Friday the 13th brings… or so it seemed.

I called it a night at around 10, shut down my laptop, and stuffed my extra tote bag with documents that I needed to work on the weekend. I did last minute rounds making sure that everything was in place before clocking out. I had intended to sneak out of the office without saying bye to the big boss who was engrossed with what he was working on. He was wearing his earphones, which by modern etiquette is a sign of not wanting to be disturbed.

I went to my direct boss’ table to check if I had placed the document that needed her approval. As his temporary desk is right next to my direct boss’, it was impossible for him to not see me. Then he asked me to have dinner with him. It was more of a demand and had no hint of malice, mind you ha ha. Well, who am I to decline a top management executive’s demand?

Off we went to his car without any idea of where we would be eating. I like talking to this boss as he is approachable. He’s not a regular boss, he’s a cool boss (Mean Girls reference here in case you missed it). Politics, travel, social media are some of the many things we talk about when we’re together (Again, this is not in any way going to lead to romance.) If anything, outside of work, he’s like a friend or kuya (older brother) to me — not that my perception is important to him.

He suggested to eat at this 24/7 restaurant that serves Filipino comfort food. I ordered spicy tuyo or dried salted fish. He got pork something. We had the usual conversation only that it was concentrated mainly on social media platforms, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter. I expressed my surprise to have discovered that he has IG when he commented on how its new logo was a downgrade from the iconic Polaroid inspired one. How many people from the non-millenial generation do you know who uses Instagram? Not a lot, that’s for sure. Anyway, that was a total word vomit. He also ordered turon or banana spring rolls which had a slice of langka! Ay, iqué horror! I gagged, and was about to spit out the nightmare that was in my mouth when I remembered that I was still with the big boss.

The night went by and when we were about to leave when I saw in my peripherals the mark I had left a red mark on the wooden stool. I couldn’t possibly stain my boss’ black leather car seat so I asked again that he book an Uber ride for me as my condo was not part of his route going home. Times like these when I wish I wasn’t a plebian that has no mobile data. I was sitting stiff as a board, wishing that the blood gushing out of my unmentionable was being absorbed by the little space my pad had. But seeing that red dot on the chair, I was wishing for the impossible.

I slid off to the side as I went out of the car to get my laptop in the backseat and I saw traces of wet stains reflecting off the faint warm light from inside. They were godawful marks — like skid marks left on concrete road. For the last two days, I die every time that predicament crosses my mind. Oh please, Lady Luck, help me get out of this bind!

Cure, I am sorry but today and the many days ahead, I will be cursing when I hear your hit song. It was a Friday and I was not in love.


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