Flickering Thoughts

There are 23 pending posts on my queue right now. Some already have an incoherent structure, while the remaining only have titles. They may not see the light of day if and when I decide to delete them.

I am the epitome of the INTP type. To observers, I seem to be always tuning out external stimuli but this due to the shifting ideas and thoughts in my head, which most of the time just remain as such — they do not reach the point of actuality. Perhaps, laziness is a huge factor but when you pick up so many “Eureka” moments where each one is coming at the rate of every flicker of a light bulb, there is a slim chance that you would be bothered to start a new project that you were so enthused about a millisecond ago.

Curious about your personality? You may search online for tests that are patterned after the official Myers-Briggs one. I think one of the most comprehensive free test available online is by http://www.16personalities.com. (Please note that I am not, in any way, affiliated to the site.)

This is a very incoherent post, with editing and proof reading done to a minimum, and this might just have the most awkward last sentence ever.


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