Nothing exciting has come up in recent days, or even months. Last Monday, I heard the most pivotal rumor that added more sorrow to my already dismal life.

It stunned me as I listened to my friend who was delivering the news. I wanted her to stop but each word acted like a stimulant to my mind. I was painting scenarios which I know wasn’t helpful in my coping process.

As I lay in bed, the nagging thoughts kept me restless. I needed an outlet so I came up with this cringe inducing bunch of phrases:

Give a rest to your pretension

If anything, that was only the initial phase of attraction

Those undertones will never be but a notion

So let’s not brew this to a deeper level of emotion

Give a rest to your pretension

I am better off alone and miserable

Than to have uncertainty as a companion

As you have sorted me as the ‘unfavorable’

Give a rest to your pretension

For I’m not as naive as I seem to be

Through a throng of people,

It will always be him that you see.

In my twenty five years of existence, I never attempted to write a poem but the words just came naturally to me. Maybe it was the perigee (also known as the super moon).


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