Hate is slowly consuming me.  The one person whom I thought would never say such awful words, is the reason why I am more cynical than ever. I’ve given up on her ever since I can remember.  It seems the best way to tolerate her is just to act civil, and so far, our situation has been placid.  I wonder if it will work on you, too?  I appreciate you for at least acknowledging my existence before, but what had happened will never be forgotten. For the record, this post was not created because of the recent rift, rather, it’s because of a multitude of instances.

I dread the day when recurring thoughts of what a person (who was once so dear to me) said when he was under a similar predicament — “They feed me, provide a roof to live under just so people would not judge them.” (not in verbatim) will become my mantra.  I never tried to compete with them because 1.) it’s not in my character to do so 2.) no act of trying to be at least a little up to your liking will get past the great barrier that is called bias.  You have been very vocal and blatant about it, too. Don’t worry, I’ve taught myself to understand all of you.  Why would anyone look past the object that is blindly pleasing to their eyes?

The problem with the likes of you is that, you practice age discrimination.  Yes, there is such a thing.  A person who is younger than you does not automatically mean that they can not call you out when your line of thinking is illogical.  I know how it hurts your ego because sometimes I also feel that way.  Just because I have the guts to reason out with you, does not prove that I’m the worst human being there is that you can mark as “impossible to like” or a “reject”.  Being aggressive should not be used as a gauge of likability;  Some people are just wolves who hide in sheep’s clothing.

I have made wrong decisions in my life which still haunts me to this day, and admittedly, you somehow supported me.  I will be destroyed beyond repair, and no one might even notice.  Thanks for trying, though.


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