Boac, Marinduque (2012)

I found these photos of last year’s trip to Marinduque, so here’s a brief post about this province.

Marinduque is one of the many island provinces in the Philippines that would delight tourists looking for a serene escapade. With the surrounding little islets which have pockets of sandy beaches, visitors can go “island hopping” by riding a bangka or, the more adept swimmers can challenge themselves by doing laps to and fro.

Boac, the provincial capital is a charming little town with preserved Spanish colonial architecture establishments much like those of Vigan.

What to see: The Boac Cathedral, preserved Hispanic houses, clean sandy beaches

What to do: Moriones festival during Holy Week, swim, get a tan, eat fresh sea food

This is for: Someone who wants a quick, laid back get away, and has limited budget. Catholic Christians.

This is not for: Beach party goers (go to Boracay instead), shoppers

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