What Has My Life Come To?

When my sister revived her old Tamagotchi V4, my interest for this toy was triggered.  I rummaged through my closet in search of my V5 Celebrity. Lo and behold! It was covered in dust and tucked away in the corner. However embarrassing it may be for me, I will still describe what state it is in now after three years of it being neglected.

Signs of a neglectful owner:

  1. There are scratches on the screen.
  2. Chipped and faded paint.
  3. The screw at the back is now a rusted metal.
  4. Lost manual.
  5. There is a need for new battery.

Now, I’m on my third week to giving in to every whim of these very demanding creatures. It requires patience, which I do not have much of. But the good news is my hard work paid off. My pets have evolved to Kuromametchi, Memetchi and Mametchi! You know you’re a good parent when you get Mametchi and Kuromametchi (special character).

Memetchi, Kuromametchi, Mametchi

Of the three, my favourites would have to be Mametchi (like almost everyone) and his dark and cooler counterpart Kuromametchi. Favouritism is not as bad as most of us think but the parent has to be discreet about it.

Anyway, I will definitely marry off Mametchi with Chantotchi to get a “Pure Family” but who do I marry Kuromametchi to?

P.S. This entry was posted with minimal editing so please excuse the lapses in grammar and incoherence ha ha.


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