I Miss You Seoul Much

Put down your pitchforks. I know that was a terrible attempt at being funny. Ever heard “Don’t let your emotions get the best of you?” Well, I just did.

Around this time three years ago, I revisited Seoul. Among the few trips abroad I had, this one is by far the most special one. (Since it is special, I will talk about it in a separate entry.)

The first time I went to South Korea, I was with my mom and a few relatives. To talk about family on the internet is beyond going personal, so let me just say this: I did not fully enjoy the first time around for reasons pertaining to constraints. The list will also double as reasons to travel alone or with a friend.

1.) Time. We were on a tour package. The travel agency/guide gives you what they think is the ample time to enjoy a particular activity. Oh, you can’t feel your feet? Suck it up and rest inside the bus but you still have to walk half a mile to get there. No pain, no gain, baby! Sleeping, eating, taking photos and other tourist activities will have to cease before you can even say your “oohs” and “aahs”.

Honestly, there were times when I just wanted to stay at the hotel especially when visiting yet another palace was in the itinerary. If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

2.) Money. The responsible adults get to hold the cash. And there were so many art and stationery stuff being sold in the land of kawaii junior!

3.) Photos. No, I do not want to have another photo of me by the palace. No videos? No problem! I could still make a gif file of me from the tons of photos available. Do you see me transition from being genuinely happy to giving the camera the bad sign? Oh, I forgot, you can’t even do that. I know the bad sign is just a raised middle finger and that it is just a product of symbolism by our malicious society but sometimes, it feels liberating to do so. Hypocrite! Also, I don’t get to include interesting strangers in the frame.

4.) Introspection. As an introvert, specifically an INTP (Don’t give me a reason to babble on this psychology topic, read about it.), this is possibly one of the cores of my existence. I may have given you the wrong impression of me having an intense dislike for palaces but I like being cultured (ha ha) or at least giving myself the impression that I am doing so. To do that, I need my alone time to fully get absorbed at what I’m observing. Why else would you travel to other countries if not to experience other culture?

5.) People watching. Because of points 1 & 3, there is very limited to no time to people watch. To some, this may be just mere glancing but when I observe, I stare. People are one of the most fascinating subjects to spend your time watching because of their peculiarities and because of the mind. Animals may have brains, but people have both brains and the mind. …or I might have confused this with checking out people but it’s a convincing excuse to do so.

So the next time you decide to book a ticket, prepare all other necessities and leave your personal baggage that may constrict you of your freedom.


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