Thoughts on Iron Man 3

Look for the synopsis elsewhere. This is just me thinking out loud in an attempt to analyze the film (because that’s what I do, I over-analyze  even if it’s uncalled for) because I refuse to believe that Iron Man 3 has a hollow storyline as what the other reviews are saying.

Spoilers after the jump.

You have been warned.

The third installment of the Iron Man franchise unmasks an insecure and vulnerable Tony Stark. While at the first few minutes of the movie, the story may seem like another light hearted but action action packed superhero movie capable of holding the attention of even the most hyperactive 10-year old boy, Iron Man 3 eventually develops into a dark film much like The Dark Knight though the occasional crude slapstick comedy is injected.

Tucked away, tinkering in his lab or workshop, we get to see an array of armor suits, which at the beginning of the film seems like prized trophies worthy of being displayed. Fueled by insomnia and perhaps paranoia, Stark still works on yet another prototype. Aside from insomnia and occasional panic attacks, due to his past haunting him, the armor suits serve as his security blanket. As a mechanic who is always creating armor suits, I think Stark is also trying to rebuild himself as a person; He is  trying to put himself together piece by piece.

There is indeed a man behind the mask. Underneath all those scraps of metal, is a regular guy–except with loads of money and wit. I like how Tony Stark as himself and Iron Man is pitted against the real Mandarin (Aldrich Killian and not the hired actor). Killian, who is later exposed in the film as the real terrorist, believes that there is “power in anonymity” as opposed to the rather arrogant Stark. Much like how the theatrical actor confessed his true identity, people should not keep a front because eventually, the truth shall surface.


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