A Different Kind of High

I’ve been meaning to post something like Thought Catalog’s 10 Awesomely Unique Smells That Give Nosegasms but I was beat to it. Thanks to Christopher Hudspeth, I regard myself as less weird now that he put into writing that petrol and “A candle immediately after it has been blown out” is pleasant to the nose.

Here are my picks:

  1. Gasoline/Petrol.
  2. The smoke from a blown out candle. This wins over the actual scent of the candle.
  3. Wooden pencils and toys. Perhaps I associate these things with my childhood.
  4. Paper. Go ahead and give your favourite book a sniff. You can thank me later.
  5. Newborn babies. The creepiest and most outlandish number on the list. It has probably something to do with the immaculate place that is the nursery of hospitals.

Food wasn’t included in the list because that would make this post less unique. And I have a penchant for all things unusual. I sound so pretentious, don’t I? Ha ha.


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