HBD, I Guess.

An observation: Once you’ve hit the twenty-something mark, you will have a dwindling enthusiasm for birthdays, especially your own. Age is nothing but a number manifested through wrinkles, an expanding waistline and all the signs of an aging person who is one day closer to his expiration date. Everybody you know is also getting older your folks, your mates and even that guy whose existence you question.

What’s worse than doubting the sincerity of the seemingly unending birthday greeting notifications on Facebook? When one (or more) of those reads “HBD”. We do not need to add another acronym to show how people are getting lazier. Besides, HBD could also mean… “Have a bad day!” or “Hey bitch/bastard die!”

Better bring your heinous scheme into actuality
Better bring your heinous scheme into actuality

You’re considered lucky if you receive at least one gift. Everybody you know has the right to become stingy on your birthday because they expect you to have a stable source of income.

Everyone you know has the right to become stingy because they expect you to have a stable source of income

I have no intention of posting yet another purely cynical entry and wallow around in self pity. So, let me recount some highlights a few weeks prior to my birthday today.

For my birthday this year,

  • I had two pre-birthday dinners but one of my sisters was MIA on both
  • my dog’s back to stay with me for a couple of months
  • I’m still single but there seems to be an increase in the number of attractive men roaming around lately. My eyes are satisfied. Ha ha ha. Now, all I need is to muster up enough courage to even smile at one.
  • I have enough coffee supply that could last me a few months.
  • (that’s why) I think my mum just bought me a French Coffee press as a birthday gift. Thank you!
  • I’m still in contact with the guy that sort of grew on me. Nothing serious but hey, he’s interesting–to me at least.
  • I discovered the existence of the en-dash “–” and the em-dash “—” but I’m still on the process of remembering how to properly use them. I forget and get confused…a lot.

I might have missed some but perhaps that is what makes these highlights as such.

It’s 4:30AM in this part of the globe, which means I still have around 20 hours until my birthday ends!

Oh, and happy birthday to other celebrants as well! (See how conceited I can get sometimes.)

[Update, 21 April 2013, 23:45]

For my actual birthday, one of my sisters made carbonara for dinner. After which, my younger siblings and I had a little shoot out. Out of around 20 attempts, I  was able to successfully shoot the ball 5 times (more or less) haha. Again, the other sister was not around since she went back to our province with our folks.

Also, we are planning to watch Iron Man 3! A post-birthday celebration, perhaps? 🙂


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