Corporate Tools

Being a twenty something is like being a teenager all over again, except with less zits and a slower metabolism. At least a teenager deals with a relatively more exciting and dramatic life (blame it on their hormones), but to twenty somethings, apathy is served almost on a daily basis, still with a bit of drama on the side. A lot of twenty somethings would refuse to let go of the Peter Pan complex, and even if they did, they would eventually revert back. They feel uneasy with the thought of necessary transitions needed to be dealt with to become a full-fledged adult – like paying taxes.

There are only two paths to take in life – it’s either you make it or not. A socially respectable person works to live, and lives to work. But really, success is subjective and should remain to be so. I think there are at three aspects of life where people should be at least successful in one 1.) Career/Wealth 2.) Love/Family 3.) Social Involvement (leading a meaningful and  purpose driven life by helping make the world a better place). However, in this society which we live in, where non-conformists get shunned and judged, and where money talks, almost everyone dreams (or taxed) of becoming a corporate somebody.

I have been a corporate tool right after graduating from university. Fresh young recruits in the corporate world are all idealists. They allow themselves to be overworked because they don’t know any better. In time, these yuppies will realise how much of their idealism changed them into becoming a better person overall or a self-loathing, two-faced employee who acts on the boss’ every whim.

Of the three aspects of life I mentioned, as of now, I want to be most successful with the first one. After all, I could involve myself in charity work more if I have more funds and less of the worry of how I am going to survive for the remaining years of my life. For all we know, anyone could become that person lining up for Soup Day. Love/Family – I still think I’m too young immature for this level of adulthood. This is being put on hold indefinitely.Yet here I am, still uncertain about my life. A part of me wants to become a corporate tool again. See how society affects even those of us who think they are in complete control of their lives?

If working for someone doesn’t work out for you, try your luck with a small business. In a Sanrio notebook, I am collating all sorts of ideas which I will not disclose because I am saving myself from possible future embarrassment just in case not even one idea pushes through. If all goes well, I might post some ideas. Ha ha.


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