Caffe Bene Eastwood

What led me to check out Caffe Bene in Eastwood last December 18, 2012 was my preconception of how Koreans take aesthetics and design seriously. From product packaging, architecture, fashion down to plastic surgery, I think Korea is one of the leading innovators of design along with of course, Japan and Sweden. Take for example… Continue reading Caffe Bene Eastwood

3, 2,1…And You’re On! Cue in Audience Applause

A big portion of what you see on TV provides entertainment, gossip, easy money (depending on how you define the word) and some mild form of exploitation. I did not write these points with the intention of tarnishing anyone’s reputation. These are based on my first hand experiences of watching a talk show and a… Continue reading 3, 2,1…And You’re On! Cue in Audience Applause