President’s Choice Cookies & Cream White Chocolate

It doesn’t take a lot to please my taste buds, so long as odd, gassy aftertastes aren’t involved…that, and exotic food. I don’t think I could stomach having to swallow food which are considered strange (but it’s subjective, really) like snails, frog legs and tongue. People with very discriminating tastes would dismiss this idea that there’s a person who is unwilling to try these upscale food.  They might say that I wouldn’t understand. And yes, that’s my point exactly. Would I rather eat a dish that is significantly smaller in portion compared to a decently priced one that might help satisfy a sailor’s appetite?

Chocolate.  Chocolate is a safe choice. I tried chocolate-covered bacon, and chocolate covered potato chips. But I would never try chocolate covered guts and insides.

If mum had not brought this all the way from Canada, I would never have thought that another chocolate bar could surpass Three Musketeers. You could say that I’m not a brand snob when it comes to chocolate. Royce, truffles, Meiji etc. I could chomp on any chocolate (without raisins and nuts).

So, this massive piece of goodness that you call President’s Choice Cookies & Cream White Chocolate is not too sweet and it doesn’t seem like a lot of oil was used that you feel like choking. Death by big blobs of oil. Now, that’s an embarrassing way to die. The chocolate and cookies ratio was just right. If you are like me who melts the chocolate first prior to chewing the small bits of cookies, then this is the real deal. Unlike some other brands, this will not cause any prickly feeling on your tongue.  Aside from its whopping size, this bar retails for only 6 CAD. However, I think this is part of the holiday label, which means that you should hoard if you get hooked.


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