What I’m Loving Now

On a more personal and superficial level get to know me by the things that are currently eating up most of my time. Hit me up if you fancy them too. Just kidding.


Gone With the Wind

9810317Before you even think about picking up a book of this stature, you have to be prepared of the consequences that come along with reading it. Gone With the Wind is a long read. It’s the thickest one yet in my slowly growing book collection. If you can’t commit your time, better keep your hands to yourself.

As I was working my way up, I noticed that there were far too many descriptions used to portray the characters. I’m not complaining, though because I understand that this is crucial for the characters’ development.

Anyway, I can’t say much about this book yet since I’m not halfway through.

(I might get killed for saying this but I dislike the name “Rhett”. There’s just something with adding unnecessary H’s to names that irk me.)

TV Series

Skins Season 06

Skins-Season-6-photoWhat do you do with a band of confused, angsty, rebellious teenagers with raging hormones? You make a series about their lives, of course.

The Third Generation, despite being a tad more sensible group compared to the previous ones, is still well received by the fans of the series. One of the indicators that a show/series is doing good is when there are hundreds of indecent proposals to the actors. These are rash, impulsive decisions made based on a particular scene or entirely on an actor’s physical attributes. And yes, I did my fair share of this unbecoming act. Ha ha.

Doctor Who Series 2


For a non-Sci-Fi fan, I find this show delightfully entertaining; it’s fantastic (Sorry.) to say the least. However, I have to admit that the first episode from the 2005 series was too much of a cliche for me to actually enjoy.

So I gave Dr. Who another chance and watched the second episode and I never looked back.

Martina Cole’s The Runaway, Episode 6 (last)

the_runaway_bannerIt’s refreshing to see a series set in 60s-70s sleazy London Soho. This being the case, expect a lot of violence and drama caused by several social issues such as prostitution, drugs, abuse of power etc. If you are into dark and heavy themes, then look no further.


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