Log #01

Here’s my first attempt at recording the relatively interesting events of my life.

A little background on last week’s activities…

I was involved in another film production for my friend’s M.A. class in Film. It was my second time already. Although, this one was much more interesting, since a green screen was used. As a visual person, I always imagined how awkward it must be for people to act using an bright green screen, instead of the natural background. But apparently, if you get brilliant actors, you can’t sense even the slightest bit of awkwardness.

07 February 2012 || Tuesday

Stress level: Sky high.

Last minute shopping for the Sci-fi film project of my friend and her classmates. The original plan was to finish the costumes by this day, but there were unexpected factors that impeded the production. For the past week or two, we ransacked every department store and boutique in Trinoma and SM North for two red and four button-down shirts and pants, among other things, but to no avail.

Plus, there were a lot of last minute changes in the designs! One example of a drastic change was the material used for the shoulder pads. Initially, bra pads (Don’t ask me why. The idea just popped into my mind when we were in the brassiere section…) were supposed to be used but apparently, there was a miscalculation, so we had to look for other options. As we were searching for ingredients for faux blood, we came across stacks of dish washing sponges, and then I thought we could use them instead.

Where do these bright ideas come from? In the back recesses of my mind, obviously. But seriously, I don’t even know. I just see things that could work, I guess.

On a lighter note, an interesting incident happened while we our way to Ever Gotesco Commonwealth (By the way, it’s a gold mine if you look hard enough) via cab. So there we were, chatting as normal girls do, when Linkin Park’s “In the End” started playing, not on the radio but on a mobile phone. We were shocked to discover this Samsung phone (it was a Galaxy, I suppose) ringing under my heinie. I had to take the call, although I didn’t understand anything written on it as everything was in Hangul (Korean). Thank goodness for images, my friend was able to figure out how to answer this darned thing. After a few minutes with the desperate owner, an unexpected meet up was set at Ever Gotesco Department store. I told the person on the other line to just ring his phone when he gets to the rendezvous since we didn’t want to tinker with his phone. After about half an hour, he called to inform me that he was in the department store. It took us a few minutes to locate one another because the signal was choppy. And as I was talking to the person on the line, I surveyed the store and found a Korean looking person on the other end of the store, and he was on the phone so I figured it was him and decided to wave my arm. Yes, I looked kind of silly but I wanted to get it over with. We exchanged social pleasantries with me receiving more, of course. Then, parted ways. There was no reward and it’s completely fine with me so long as I did a good deed, really. Come to think of it, it wasn’t only the owner who benefited from the situation, but in a way Filipinos in general.

08 February 2012 || Wednesday

Crunch time!

It was only during the morning that we were able to acquire the button down shirts and pants. If we were able to get them a day or two before the shoot, we might have sewn on some studs on the shoulders of the grey shirts. We resorted to (another one of my spur of the moment ideas) sticking on two strips of double-sided tape, then two strips of black electrical tape on top. It looked pretty darn decent, good to an extent, considering how pressing time was.

We also had to a put a red cross (stretched from top to bottom and from left to right) on the main character’s lab gown outfit. Tape, stickers, glue and scissors do come in handy during shoots and anything that involves costumes. If you don’t have the luxury of time to sew on something, those tools are life savers! Take it from me. My friend and I even dubbed ourselves as the cut and paste team. Yes, how… original but bear with us, we didn’t have an ounce of sleep from the night before.

Apart from some costume adjustments,  I didn’t have much to do for most of the day except assist in putting on the pieces on the actors, watching and eating. My other task was reserved for the latter part of the shoot, which was prosthetic make up. It was the similar to the last one I did. I was to make a torn skin effect, but the challenge was to make it look like the actress had metal plates inside her. Cyborg, humanoid… I don’t know. There was no other choice but to stick on foil tape (to serve as “metal plates”) on her face and arms, but we had the consent of the actress, of course. Then, I put on wax, applied drops of fake blood, then covered the wax with foundation to blend in with her skin. From afar, it looked realistic, but when examined closely, you can see how fake it was. I blame the foundation! It was not her colour and it did not blend well. Ha ha.

Geez. This entry may be the longest I’ve ever written yet. I might just discontinue writing these types of posts since they eat up a lot of time. Please bear with me if this was badly written, as there was only very minimal editing made.


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