Top 5 Pinoy Chocolates

As the 14th draws near, posting all things about love would have been appropriate, but since we live and breathe capitalism, let’s focus on one of the most consumed product during the “Love Month” – chocolates (locally produced).
Here are my top 5:
1. Choco Mallows
If you haven’t tasted this, you’re missing half of your life!
Long before Lotte’s Choco Pie (which is also an absolute favourite) reached our shores, we had Choco Mallows. Unlike Choco Pie, this isn’t a messy treat because a biscuit is used as the base.
This box of six can be found practically anywhere in the Philippines – supermarkets, sari-sari stores, your pantry ha ha.
2. Curly Tops (Boxed)
Bite-sized chocolate-y goodness!
I prefer Curly Tops in a box of 12 or 24 just ’cause they look like mini cupcakes. Also, I have this mild obsession with boxes. Do not judge me. Ha ha.
3. Flat Tops

If eating this much chocolate doesn’t give you diabetes, I don’t know what will

Here’s an interesting read: Curly Tops Vs. Flat Tops

4. Big Bang

A banging good treat

This chocolate covered chewy nougat + rice crisp combo always hits the spot…with a bang! (Sorry, I had to.)

5. Goya Chocolate Gold Coins

The real deal is what’s inside the shiny gold foil.

I felt like a big shot whenever I had a bag of these! I would usually trade some for Choki Choki (YUM!) or boss my friends around and give them a coin as a reward for pulling off a dare and whatnot. Ha ha.

Cloud 9, which is definitely a crowd favourite, did not make it on my list because I don’t go nuts about nuts (raisins and other dried fruits as well). Well, I do, but it leans more toward the tantrum inducing type.
Photos are not mine. Click on the link (caption below each photo) for the sources.

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