On the Radar

I would love to say that this blog is on the map, but it has yet to make its mark. Quite frankly, I prefer  having just a handful of random readers for two reasons: privacy and I live a dull life. I don’t have the audacity to label myself as a blogger. Sure, I managed to create this “blog” which only happens to consume internet space and does not necessarily contribute anything of value. Bloggers are accomplished, interesting people with a loyal fanbase. I don’t think I’ll ever be considered as a blogger, however, becoming a leader of a small internet cult would be interesting… Just kidding.
For 2011 in a span of around a month there were a total of 152 views. Is that even a decent number? The entry with the most hits was the one about Mr. Buendia. And as they say, you can never go wrong with celebrity posts. Yes, I made that up.
Oh, I may be a week late but allow me to greet you a Happy New Year!
Don’t expect a surge in the number of posts. Save me from the pressure of having to update this constantly (Note the sarcasm). But if the read-eat-sleep routine interests you, let me know.

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