The Ely Buendia Encounter

For the record, I am not an Eraserheads fan, a Pupil fan nor Ely Buendia’s fan for that matter. Never heard of them? Then, it’s about time you ask Google about them.
In this part of the globe, The Eraserheads already made their mark in the local music scene, with international hits like “Ang Huling El Bimbo”. True enough even after the group’s disbandment in 2002, the limelight never grew tired of the members. Along came newly established bands by the members such as Pupil, Sandwich etc.
So tell me, who in their right mind wouldn’t ask for an autograph or a picture with a legend?
I’ll let you in a little secret (well, not really) on how I’ve managed to get an autograph from Mr. Buendia. As a member of the Photography Club throughout my stay in high school, I was spared from watching a handful of anything but interesting performances and talks that required the whole student body’s attention for the duration of a particular event. We were entitled to backstage passes which gave us the authority to get closer to celebrities/guests document events on and offstage.
If my memory serves me right, Pupil performed at our high school in when I was in my sophomore year. Security was relatively stiffer. Admittedly, even as a member of the Photography Club, I had to sort of talk myself in. Mr. Buendia had a burly man standing next to him, and there were cable barriers which however loosely set up, served their purpose in preventing intrusion by the students.
Minutes after squeezing my way in to the front, with only the cable barriers withholding my goal of taking a photo with the legend. I flashed my pass but to no avail. The man in black obviously was unaware of the power that comes along with my badge. My patience grew short and I looked at my friend with frustration. Apparently, the legend was feeling a bit under the weather (literally). Although, he was trying to mask his discomfort by grinning every now and then. My friend and I then told the brute that the photos will be used for the school paper and for our portfolio. The man finally obliged just right before our faces portrayed desperation.
The photos were never released, however, as no one from the school paper asked for them.
…and I eventually lost my photo with him, along with my Friendster account. Hopefully, I was smart enough to save it somewhere where I can retrieve it.
In any case, I have something that’s worth keeping and it’s his autograph addressed to me.

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