A Peek

Below is an excerpt from my formal writing theme essay dated 09 January 2006. I’m assuming it was for a book review for my English class. However, the excerpt you are about to read is an alternate ending. We had the liberty to choose what book we were going to read and I picked “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck.

Then George went out to look for Lennie. Just the thought of Lennie made him feel scared for the big guy but he could not tolerate this anymore because he had just killed Curley’s wife which had meant big trouble. He was in the stage of denial – wishing that it all wasn’t true, and that Lennie only killed a puppy.

Upon reaching the scene, he walked out to their room, hoping not to find Lennie there, instead Lennie was hiding in a safe place waiting for him. He found no one inside and for the first time since the news broke out, he felt a little relaxed so he decided to think about what to do next. After a few moments, the other workers came in. One of them handed a shotgun to George, and told him to shoot right at the back of Lennie’s head. Mulling a few things over, he got up with the shotgun, and went out and uttered not a word.

The men wondered why they never heard of a fire from the shotgun.

A few months had passed and they never saw or heard of George and Lennie, and they thought that the duo had escaped together.

The ending, which was supposed to be the most important part was rushed, obviously. Maybe I was cramming to pass it on time or I was just too lazy to further develop my alternate ending. Up until now, I still have a problem embellishing my sentences with descriptive words. Oh well. I still got 44 points out of 50 for this…crap material.


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