Breaking the curse

In the world of blogging, I live a vagabond life. I have been moving from one blog to another. Every first post is another futile attempt at blogging. Every post has a high chance of being my last.

For years, I have struggled to settle down in one site and update it with at least significant parts of my life. You see, I still have a long way to go when it comes to applying the concept of consistency and revealing my innermost thoughts in the internet for all the world to see. If I put more attention in solely writing down my thoughts, instead of wondering if what I’m about to disclose is interesting enough, I might have not left my blogs to accumulate cyber dust.

The thoughts and memories you write down will all become part of your history in the future. It is quite pleasing (healthy even) having something to look back to and see how much you have grown as a person. In a way, your blog can serve as a catalyst for change.
With those points said, I hope I can stay put, not for a little while but for a very long time.


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