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A letter of apology I wrote a few hours back…

I censored out a few parts lest I totally give away my identity.
I censored out a few parts lest I totally give away my identity.

Ugh, I feel so shitty right now that I won’t even bother editing this entry…

I’m planning to send it in a few hours… or possibly tomorrow depending on how much courage I can muster. Good luck!


To the creep responsible for the audible, incessant cat calling: please shut up. I can hear you all the way up here on the 15th floor. Not even the car engines, and blaring horns could filter out those awful sounds you’re making.

How many women have you verbally harassed this morning? Your mum must be proud.

Bookshelf Tour as of January 2015

On my shelf: mostly young adult, fantasy and classic novels, souvenirs, etc.

In a shared bedroom with two of my sisters, I was the curator of all things kitsch, cute and considerably unnecessary. My paraphernalia included both curios and recyclable junk but ever since our big move from the suburbs of Quezon City to a high rise residential condominium in Makati, I’ve had to declutter and adapt to a more downsized lifestyle. However much space these books (as well as the other stuff) takes up, I will never sell or give them away because among other hoarded things, this slowly growing collection is what I deem to be most valuable. So, what’s on my shelf? Here is a list of the books and other reading materials on it. I wanted to arrange them by the spines’ colors but I was afraid that this flimsy, cheap shelf which I got at half of the original price, wouldn’t be able to hold balance, thus denying me of my urge to do so. Continue reading Bookshelf Tour as of January 2015


Nothing exciting has come up in recent days, or even months. Last Monday, I heard the most pivotal rumor that added more sorrow to my already dismal life.

It stunned me as I listened to my friend who was delivering the news. I wanted her to stop but each word acted like a stimulant to my mind. I was painting scenarios which I know wasn’t helpful in my coping process.

As I lay in bed, the nagging thoughts kept me restless. I needed an outlet so I came up with this cringe inducing bunch of phrases: Continue reading Pretension

Seoul 2013 || Log #01 || 02 October 2013

(The first part of my travel log series to Seoul, South Korea.)

This time last month, my dad asked me if I wanted to tag along with my Aunt & cousin for a short trip to South Korea. Being an enthusiast of almost anything Korean–food in particular, I immediately said yes. Never mind that I’m not close with my cousin as long as I’d get to visit The Land of the Morning Calm again (My 3rd visit now). Within a month, I arranged every document needed, shopped for some fall/autumn clothes and on the first week of October, I found myself on board a Cebu Pacific Air flight to Incheon.

Read on for the story, and pick up some tips and unsolicited advice if you’re planning to visit Seoul.

Continue reading Seoul 2013 || Log #01 || 02 October 2013

(34th) MIBF: From A First-Timer

New Books
Novels bought: Perfume: Story Of A Murderer by Patrick Suskind, Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov, Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. These cost me around P1,500 (Total discount around P400).

On the 34th run of the Manila International Book Fair (henceforth mentioned as MIBF), my friends and I braved Metro Manila’s public transportation during the monsoon season–you could only imagine what the daily commuter goes through every single day. Half an hour and unruly heads of hair later, we arrived at the SMX Convention Center or the “holy grail” of books. Continue reading (34th) MIBF: From A First-Timer