Two Points for the Federation

The man without pores whose skin naturally radiates from afar, and no amount of nicotine and tar can tarnish. This person who always greets you with high fives and a smile comparable to those of toothpaste models. He who gives you unsolicited yet wise advice much like an emphatic older brother. His name shall be kept a… Continue reading Two Points for the Federation

Friday I’m Not in Love

That day went fine until life happened. A little past 5 PM, there was a surge of urgent matters that I had to deal with — like expensive marble slabs and other construction materials possibly being disposed of, big bosses (VVIPs) flying in the next week, etc. All these work related plights were resolved eventually.… Continue reading Friday I’m Not in Love

My Personal Philippine Travel Grade is D

Now, I am not one who is an advocate of Philippine tourism but the disappointing result serves as a personal wake up call. With 7,107 islands dispersed on the Pacific Ocean, I would need to sell an arm and a leg, and perhaps a kidney to be able to set foot on at least half of… Continue reading My Personal Philippine Travel Grade is D

Bookshelf Tour as of January 2015

In a shared bedroom with two of my sisters, I was the curator of all things kitsch, cute and considerably unnecessary. My paraphernalia included both curios and recyclable junk but ever since our big move from the suburbs of Quezon City to a high rise residential condominium in Makati, I’ve had to declutter and adapt to a… Continue reading Bookshelf Tour as of January 2015